Our Greater Poland Railway Supporters Societies and Grodzisk Draisine Railway have been organizing rail events for more than twenty years. We operate in Poland, both in public and smaller private railways also for industrial application. We organize rail trips for enthusiasts from Poland and Europe – primarily for photographers of rail attractions and for fans by using a handcar (draisine) on closed railway lines.

Our greatest organizational achievements are rail tours to Bogdanka & Konin mines, to paper mill in Tarnówka (closed down), travelling across northern Greater Poland using closed rail lines as well as industrial railway sidings in Poznan or Adamów Power Plant lines.
From the circle of our society some of the Polish railway archeologists have derived, so people knowing the history of old railway lines, who walk in search of the dead routes documenting it by photography. We are also the founders of the first magazine in Poland and Central Europe devoted to rail archeology called „Stożne.”

The other fact worth mentioning is, that we are the pioneers of the first handcar rail tours, which were organized earlier in Poland. In section Oborniki – Wronki (no longer existent line) the first successful rail event in Poland took place. Moreover, we took part in co-creation of Grodzisk Draisine Railway – now one of the most active handcar rails in Poland. Our job included car renovation, obtaining new trolleys, fixing railway lines.
Our goal is a general promotion of rail tourism and closed travel routes as well as saving rail and handcars from degradation.