21 – 30 AUGUST 2017


21 August

arriving to Warsaw, visiting the hotel, ice-breaking and organizational meeting.

22 August 

arriving to Łódź. Touring the area by Łódź Tramway Network (1000 mm). It is one of the largest tram networks in Poland, but at the same time rather archaic. Several lines run outside the city – to the surrounding villages and towns. Łódź, called the Polish Manchester, a city of textile workers, which was undergoing its economic boom in the nineteenth century. The expansion of factories was accompanied by the expansion of tramlines. The network had occupied many villages and towns, reaching hundreds of kilometers in length. Today, only some parts of it have remained, but the network is still very scenic and enchanting for urban track lovers. Old tenements, world-class Art Nouveaus, old factories, houses of poor weavers or shabby neighborhoods – we can encounter it all on many Łódź tram lines.

Łódz tramway (gallery)

After the event, the next stop is Łódz for the night.

23 – 24 August

arriving to the Upper Silesian Industrial Region. Touring the area by Upper Silesia Tramway Network. For many Upper Silesia tramlines it seem as if time has stopped in the 20th century. Gigantic industrial area is a paradise for many urban lovers. Mines, coking plants, steel mills – open and ruined. Working-class housing estates made of red brick and old blocks of flats or cobblestone paving and brick churches, have undoubtedly contributed to the most scenic tram network in Poland – still a few hundred kilometers of paths are open, which wind through the center of mining settlements and towns. Curved rail tracks and mine shafts – are all rail symbols, that are loved by many enthusiasts.

Silesia tramway (gallery)

Two nights in Katowice

25 August 

arriving to Wroclaw. Touring Wroclaw by tram. It is the oldest electric tram system in Poland – in 1877 the first horse tram was taking its first steps here. Currently, the city is dynamically developing, being the European Capital of Culture in 2016. The network is inextricably linked with the Oder river – lots of bridges and footbridges can be seen here. Tram routes lead through numerous parks, architecturally interesting neighborhoods and modernistic housing estates. Blue trams run through the streets of representative nineteenth-century old buildings. We will be also passing the Centennial Hall one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Wrocław tramway (gallery)

After the event, the next step is Wroclaw for the night.


26 August 

arriving to Poznan. Touring the are in MPK Poznan tram. A dynamic, modern city, full of office buildings is the owner of first high-speed tram line (PST) in Poland – a kind of open-air underground with a long tram tunnel in Franowo. One of the most advanced tram depots in Europe can be seen here, which can be visited track by track.
Also, a trip to the museum of transport and exhibition of rolling stock in the old Madaliński depot. The old picturesque lines towards Sołacz and Wilczak will be taking us on the winding paths among the Art Nouveau villas and parks. Wonderful sights of the city will complement the whole trip – including Renaissance town hall with the two goats gushing thier horns as well as the Jewish folklore Golem, who was born here.

Poznan tramway (gallery)

After the event, the next stop is Poznań for the night.


27 August 

transfer to Torun. Touring the area by narrow gauge Tramways in Torun (1000 mm). Toruń is the city of Nicolaus Copernicus, full of Gothic monuments of the picturesquely stretched Vistula River. Tram network, here, is small and leads through industrial areas and housing estates, where you can also tour the old town packed with historical monuments. After the tour we are moving to Grudziadz. The narrow gauge Tramways in Grudziądz (1000 mm) have three lines running from 1899, which is a true gem of the whole event. Grudziadz is situated on the beautiful Vistula slope, offering a breathtaking view on rustic granaries. Trams go along the river, which enter the area of detached houses finishing at the train station.

Torun tramway (gallery)

Grudziac tramway (gallery)

After the event, the next stop is Torun for the night.
Arriving to Warsaw for two nights.


28 and 29 August 

two day touring of Warsaw by tram network. The largest tram network in Poland, offering diverse attractions, from the old scenic line of Boernerowo to modern junction points integrated with the underground. Warsaw was seriously damaged by the Germans, which after the II World War was rebuilt, allowing trams to reach many remote areas. Attractive lines run through both, older and modern neighborhoods, towards vastly scattered blocks of flats. The bridges over the Vistula allow you to admire panoramic views of the Old Town, and the network’s right-bank is quite an attraction for its old tenements and local ethnographic climate. In the evenings you are tempted by numerous restaurants and evening entertainment.

Warsaw tramway (gallery)


30 August

After the even, two nights in Warsaw and the end of the event – arriving at the airport.